Brian Fitzgibbons grew up in Groveland, MA spending all his free time creating art, performing in plays, and listening to Ben Folds Five and Matchbox 20. He attended the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and graduated with a BFA in Photography.

Since college, Brian has enjoyed spending time with his family and friends, discovering beekeeping, drag, and costuming, and finding the simple joy of a gin martini (extra dry with a twist) paired with a Wellfleet oyster tray. A true lover of all things connected to summer, Brian is truly at his best with the sun on his shoulders, sand in his toes, and the mixed scent of coconut and SPF.

Professionally, Brian has worked in the food industry, clothing retail, banking, graphic design, and software development. He currently works full time for athenahealth in Watertown, MA, but occasionally moonlights as a copywriter and freelance photographer.

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